Fasting method to lose weight-168 The key to fasting is?


The principle of fasting to lose weight

It takes about 2-4 hours to digest after we eat. At this time, insulin will rise, and excess food will be converted into fat and stored in the body. Through long-term fasting, the body’s insulin and glycogen will be greatly reduced, forcing the body to burn fat to provide energy for the body to meet daily needs. Among them, fasting time should be used for heavy training to improve the effect of cellulite. Many people fail to pay attention to this point when fasting to lose weight, which leads to failure.


The key to fasting for fitness

Weight training! Weight training! Weight training! Repeat three times, because fasting and fitness are very important. During the fasting period, the food intake is greatly restricted, and the body will have the opportunity to lose muscle. Weight training can help improve this problem, and it will also increase the metabolism throughout the day, helping the fat-reducing fasting method to retrain at the end of the fasting period . The lowest level), forcing the body to use fat as energy to meet the needs of exercise, and to supplement proper nutrition after weight training


Attention to fasting weight loss and heavy training

1) If you fast and exercise on an empty stomach, your body will not adapt to it at the beginning, and your endurance and exercise intensity will decrease. It is very easy to experience “weakness” and “dizziness”. Therefore, you must choose some low-intensity weight training

2) Due to heavy training on an empty stomach, physical endurance will decrease, so try to choose some important core training movements (such as: squats, bench presses, etc.)

3) Novices should avoid aerobic exercise. Training should focus on weight training. The goal is to preserve muscle as much as possible during fat loss

4) Stomach pain due to fasting may occur during exercise, please bring glucose with you to deal with emergency hypoglycemia


The following people are not suitable for fasting

The elderly, pregnant women, children, people with unstable blood sugar, people with stomach problems , people with acute and chronic diseases


168 Fasting Method/168 Weight Loss Method/168 Weight Loss Method

(suitable for novices)

Fasting for 16 hours a day, eating time is only 8 hours, the total calories needed per day must be eaten within 8 hours (otherwise it is the same as dieting)

At the beginning, 168 fasting for one month has the most obvious weight loss effect, and the 168 fasting menu requirements are relatively simple and easy to implement, generally very suitable for novices

52 fasting method

Randomly draw 2 days a week to control the total calorie intake below 500. It is best to divide the 500 calories into three meals and distribute them equally. On other days, the normal diet must strictly calculate the total calorie intake, otherwise the fat loss effect cannot be achieved

48-hour fasting method (suitable for advanced people)

The method is very simple, fast for a whole day or longer, and only drink water, tea and black coffee during fasting


Precautions for fasting

There is no fixed answer for how long you need to maintain the fasting method, but if you experience stomach pain or feel unwell during the fasting method, you must immediately stop seeking professional assistance. Retraining on an empty stomach is more dangerous, and the body needs 1-2 weeks to adapt. When choosing training movements and training combinations, it must be accompanied by a fitness trainer

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