Fitness trainers are welcome to rent our gym for coaching purposes, the clients can come early to change and warm up for their sessions with our advanced and diverse facilities. We provide you with genuinely private training space, water with heating and lockers.
Address: Estate Block B, 4 Watson Rd, Causeway Bay (3-5 minute walk from Fortress Hill MTR Station exit A)

Alkaline drinking water, free wifi available for our clients

TVB於RY Fitness租用場地拍攝節目「湊仔攻略」

Weight Training
1)3-90Ltb Dumbbell,220cm bar,Z-bar  

2)Smith machine,Cable machine,combo machine… 

Functional Training
1)Medical ball,Wall Ball,Power Bag

3)Battle Ropes
4)Yoga Mat,Yoga BlocK
5)Bosu,Balance Disc

Private Coaching area rental

Clients can arrive early to change and warm up before the coaches are here to start the session. (Please contact us for long-term cooperation)

All-inclusive gym area rental:

Can be used for group training, photo shooting, filming etc, with the price you pay it includes the usage of ALL our facilities.

1) All rental plans are valid for 3 months only. All sessions have to be finished in 3 months.
2) To efficiently manage the numbers of users, please book in at least 4 HOURS in advance.

3) For the sake of other users, foul languages and throwing equipment are prohibited in the gym.